“I Love Cooking for My Mom” :says Jaan Kumar Sanu

Food to him is “life’s most genuine pleasure and tastiest necessity”. Jaan who is currently in the Bigg Boss house is an entertaining audience with his music and survival skills. 

Not many may know that Jaan Kumar Sanu is a true blue foodie. Being a Bengali, his love for food is inherited. However, he highlights that he loves to cook for his mother “My mother loves it when I cook for her. She loves my cooking. Specially Bengali dishes. During the weekends when I have no work commitments, I take over the kitchen and cook Bengali dishes for my family. In fact, I bake too. When I bake I am the most creative. I have baked cheesecakes, cakes, cookies, brownies and won a lot of brownies points for that (hahaha)” 

When in the kitchen, Jaan loves to experiment a lot, playing around with flavours and food textures, says he doesn’t like to follow cooking rules. 

Jaan’s tip to all the foodies and cooks out there is: follow no rules, make whatever you want. Throw in oodles of imagination and don’t hesitate to explore new flavours, and have fun with food.

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